About Us

The GSI Company is a manufacturer's representative agency with our corporate office in Ankeny, Iowa. It was established by Jon and Dorothy Gustafson in 1979. From our inception our objective has been to provide solutions and equipment to the dry material handling industry to meet the specific needs of our customers. We build value with our customers and our principals through the strength of our customer's satisfaction by consistently providing positive results. We continue to be a family company that builds value with our customers and our manufacturers through the strength of hard work and customer service. For each project or component sale, our goal is to provide customer satisfaction through positive results.

The markets we cover include the following industries: food, feed and grain, aggregates, by-products, cereals, ethanol, pet foods, plastics, and recycling. We have experience handling dusts, limestone, gypsum, cereal grains, finished cereals, ethanol by-products, biodiesel filtration materials, seeds, corn cobs, wood by-products, polyethylene pellets, edible fiber, flour, sugar, starches, citric acid, yeasts, edible soy, drink mixes, and many other products.

Corporate Office: 3502 NW 80th Lane, Ankeny, Ia 50023 Tel: 800-262-3811 Fax: 515-432-5902 sales@thegsicompany.com